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13 People With Brilliant Results and Their Inspiring Stories.

December 8, 2015 0 Comments
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Jenna Kowalke

My name is Jenna Kowalke. I have been a member at Eupraxia off and on for about 3 years now. Since day 1, I fell in love with how Eupraxia works; for its members to have a healthier and happier life. The nutrition plan is there for you, the gym work outs are set up for you, all you need is the right mind set and motivation and it is guaranteed success! [Keep Reading]



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Darci Greeno

A good friend of mine recently made a comment to me saying, “Don’t you wish you could take a magic pill at night and wake up 50 lbs lighter? That would make things so much easier.” Man, isn’t that the truth. But, the truth is, there is no magic pill. It all comes down to hard work. [Keep Reading]



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Brittany Dissmore

Prior to joining Eupraxia, I was extremely unhappy with my body and lacked confidence. I was a mother to 3 boys and after 3 C-sections; I struggled with feeling good about small losses. A friend of mine had joined Eupraxia in August of 2013 and loved it. I knew that I needed to give this a try, because the standard type of gym was not enjoyable and I needed someone to push me. [Keep Reading]


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Doug Lietke

When I joined Eupraxia in January, I was eager to do something to my body, something I hadn’t done since college, WORKOUT.  I was easily overweight and unmotivated. For 20 years I was an object at rest, that tended to stay at rest. [Keep Reading]




My name is Megan Miller. I am 31 years old with three boys and an amazing husband who are my whole world. Their ages are 5(12-5-11), 3 (8-19-13) and 14 months (11-12-15). I started working out at Eupraxia in November of 2013 after I had had my second son Jude. I was ready to lose all of my baby weight, but still, in the back of my mind knew that I was going to have another baby so I wasn’t going to “try too hard”. Little did I know what a change Eupraxia would make in my life…[Keep Reading]


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Lindsay Bonnar

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home with parents who were athletic and health conscious. Mom home-cooked our meals, both were avid runners and my sisters and I were pretty much forced into school sports. I wish I could say that these habits carried over into my adult life... [Keep Reading]



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Keith Barghahn

My whole life I had battled with weight, I have never been terribly over weight but always too heavy for my height. Over the years, since high school age, I have tried different fitness programs from memberships at the Y, 24 hour fitness centers and self programs such as walking or riding bicycles; with all I had varying degrees of success. The same with weight loss. [Keep Reading]




Kendra Lee

 Do you ever have periods where your motivation is low and miss a few workouts? Honestly, I have not missed more than 1 workout since I have started Eupraxia. Once I started seeing results it was very easy to stay motivated and want to workout everyday. [Keep Reading]




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Lisa Cahill

What keeps you motivated? Results! I look back on where I was when I started working out and know that I never want to go back there. I have worked too hard to give up what I have accomplished.  I have so much more energy now, and I just feel better.  Plus getting to buy new clothes because the old ones don’t fit helps. [Keep Reading]


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Kevin Hennessey

What keeps you motivated?
The closer I got to age 40, the harder it has been to lose weight. Most of my life I have lived a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. I used to smoke cigarettes and managed to quit nine years ago. Since then I had gained close to 50 lbs. [Keep Reading]



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Karen Kramer

What keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is how healthy and strong I feel. I can do things now I couldn’t before or was afraid to do. Like hiking and kayaking. I feel like now I have direction for a healthy Long life. [Keep Reading]



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Kim Foster

What keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is how I feel. When I walk I feel strong. I actually feel the muscles in my legs which in turn makes me feel really good and keeps me motivated. [Keep Reading]





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Will Steinborn

After getting out of the Army it was tough staying in shape by going to a traditional gym. No sense of team, no outside motivation, same workouts day after day. Eupraxia changed all that for my wife and I. But it wasn’t just the workouts, it was the total lifestyle change, eating healthy, getting rest and working HARD at Eupraxia. Thank you Eupraxia. [Keep Reading]


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