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Hey! My name is Jared. I grew up in central Wisconsin where I was very active in sports throughout highschool. Fitness started out as a way for me to gain an edge on my competition and soon turned into an obsession. Truthfully, by the end of highschool I’d rather be in the gym than on the basketball court. I’d rather be reading up or watching videos on exercise/nutrition then learn about anything in the classroom. It was my true passion and I have always wanted to work in the fitness field deep down but decided that I was going to get a doctorate in physical therapy for the job stability and good money it would provide.

I went through all of college taking courses to get my “safe job” we’ll call it. Then after all was said and done in my final semester I found out I would have to get an internship before I could go to grad school. I found one at Eupraxia and was hired on. I drove back to my home town that same day after learning about everything I would be doing there and was so excited about it that my 2.5 hour car ride felt like 20minutes. As soon as I pulled into my driveway it hit me hard that in the last 4 years I have never felt anywhere close to that level of excitement when thinking about being a physical therapist. Right then and there I called my advisor and dropped the last class I needed to go to physical therapy school to do something in fitness.

 I graduated at UWL with a bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science Fitness as well as got certified as a personal trainer in that last semester after dropping my other course. I then started my internship with no intention of staying because I was planning on building my own fitness empire but I went all in non the less on the nutrition and workouts at Eupraxia. It was soon clear to me that Eupraxia was more than just a gym. In two months there I learned much more than I had ever learned in school and I was in the best shape of my life. I was hooked. It was such an amazing experience that I told myself if I can’t beat them I will join them and am now all in on Eupraxia.

I plan on staying around for the long term with the goal of opening my own location in the future. Until then I continue to learn and grow everyday at Eupraxia along with the members. I feel blessed to have this job and to be able to work with so many amazing people daily. I love seeing members progress and accomplish their goals. Eupraxia truly is a life changing place and I am happy to be a part of it. Look forward to seeing you at the gym!! 🙂