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Screenshot_20200601-211156_FacebookI grew up in the small town of Hillsboro, WI. I spent my youth biking myself all over town to the next ball game or up to the local swimming pool.  I was one of the girls that would WWF wrestle or play tackle football with the guys back in elementary school.  Sports were the motivation to get good grades and attend high school.  As an athlete, I love to competeAlong with that came the team comradery which has given me so many wonderful memories.   

I started my Eupraxia journey back in 2012.  Before joining, I was into road biking, triathlons, and marathon running.  With the arrival of my second bouncing baby boy, I need to re-evaluate how I spent my limited “me” time.  I needed something that made me feel like I had pushed myself, got a wholebody workout and didn’t consume hours in my day…enter this crazy little word “Eupraxia”.

I showed up to a class with people of all different ages and sizes.  I was taught how to properly move weights and work all areas of my body.  I was hooked.  I love the challenge and variety of workouts.  Seeing my progress still motivates me every day!  And I have my “team” of the others in class.

 Our members, our community, are the reason why I keep coming back.  They motivate, encourage and we all grow together.  I am thankful to have so many people with the same goals and mindset.  It is an incredible feeling to have the support of others – inside and outside the gym.  I have made many great friendships along the way.  I look forward to the new ones to come! 

I encourage anyone who is interested to just check it out.  It’s a welcoming community, without judgement. 

See you there!