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IMG_0057My health and fitness journey started when I went away to college. I started as a recreational exerciser, going to the gym daily. I developed such a love for fitness that I decided to transfer to UW-La Crosse to study Exercise and Sports Science. It was during this time that I found Eupraxia. I had no idea what I was getting into when I sat in and listened to Dr. Czys for the first time. This changed everything for me. I immediately went back to my apartment, threw away my bread and milk and started as one of Eupraxia’s first interns. Before this, I thought I was healthy and feeling good until I changed the way I ate and moved. My mindset is completely different now and I have never in my life felt better than I do today.

After completing my degree at UW-La Crosse, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I made the decision to go on to study nutrition. With that path, I thought my only option was to become a Registered Dietitian. Long story short, with one semester to go in graduate school, I decided to quit the coursework I need to become a Registered Dietitian, finish out my graduate coursework to obtain my Masters and move on in the nutritional field in an unconventional way. My professors and colleagues of course thought I was crazy. However, I knew that I couldn’t spend my time working in the nutrition field, teaching a way of eating that I didn’t personally believe in. I was lucky enough out of grad school to spend several years working for a natural foods store as a Nutritional Health Coach teaching people to eat the same way I learned at Eupraxia when my whole journey began.

Fortunately, my path led me back to this area where I can work everyday in my passion for both fitness and nutrition. When I was asked in school what I wanted to do with me degree, I always said I just wanted to be doing something where I can be around positive people and positive energy and also work daily in both the nutrition and fitness fields. I have finally found that!

I am ecstatic to be back with Eupraxia and spend my hours working for a company that I truly, whole heartedly believe in. I stand by everything Eupraxia stands for and I’m so excited to help you along your journey to optimal health!

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