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Hi guys! Jodi here- preschool teacher by day, Eupraxia trainer by night. Or early morning. 🙂
I came to my love of fitness fairly recently. Only a few years ago when I tried Eupraxia for the first time, in fact! Up until then, I had spent my life avoiding the gym and making zero effort with my nutrition. As a result, at 25 years old, at five foot four, I weighed 182 pounds. I’d finally reached a place where I had to admit to myself that something (everything?) needed to change.
Thank goodness for Eupraxia, because after a few short months there everything did start to change! I felt my goals shift from purely appearance based to “I want to be able to do _____”. I felt myself slowly starting to look forward to going to classes more and more. I learned that if I ate junk, my workout would suffer. And that was becoming a big deal to me.
Fast forward a few years and now I am so lucky to get to help people in the same way the trainers helped me when I first started. I live helping people achieve things they think they can’t do-pushups from the floor, a heavy deadlift….the list could go on forever!
I know what it’s like to feel out of shape and out of your depth. I’m excited to help you feel strong and confident! I don’t recognize me in my photos before Eupraxia. You can check them out and learn more about my journey here.