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Hi! My name is Hannah 🙂
I am originally from small-town Lomira, Wisconsin. I graduated highschool in 2017 and came to La Crosse to pursue a degree in Communication and Art. As I was attending college here, I fell in love with the driftless region and now call this place home.

Growing up, I was always an active and imaginative kid. I loved riding my bike to the park, making art, playing by the river, directing choreographed routines with my sisters (a role I took very seriously), going to dance class, and participating in any sport I could do. 

As I grew up, that desire to play and be active never changed. In highschool, I played 3 sports (volleyball, basketball and track). And in college, I regularly participated in volleyball and would go to the Rec to workout. Once I graduated college, being active was something I knew I needed to stay doing in order to feel like myself. However, for a period of time, the habit of working out started to fall off. I loved lighting heavy and staying fit, but began to grow bored of doing the same things all the time at the gym. I let up on accountability with myself, stopped lifting, and would opt for walks or runs.

Eventually I found myself really unhappy with where I was. I wanted more for myself and felt like I began to settle. It was on a summer day, when I was going for a walk, that I finally decided to pull the trigger on calling the gym (I had looked at the website…I’m not sure how many times, but it was a lot). I started by doing a 2 week challenge, and from there, I never looked back. 

To sum it up, Eupraxia has been more than just about physical wellness for me. It has bled into all areas of my life and helped me find a new strength in myself. Once I started going regularly, all other areas of my wellness began to align again. As I started to see progress, hope grew. I didn’t feel like I was back to my old self, but a new and better version.

I have channeled my competitive spirit and turned it within. I have shown up by pushing myself to go beyond what I once thought I was capable of and continued to combat the voice that says ”you can’t” by saying “yes I can”. With the culmination of these things, I have continued to become someone that I am proud of; the person I needed to be back when I was unsatisfied and the person I always knew I was capable of becoming. 

My journey as a coach is something that I didn’t necessarily expect for myself, yet has been something I have found a lot of purpose in. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet members from all locations and to witness people grow in reaching their goals. I consider it to be a privilege to both participate in and have a front row seat to each individual’s journey in wellness. I strive to create the same kind of environment that has nurtured me into the place I am now; an environment that is welcoming, challenging, energizing and fruitful. 

It is a wonderful thing to think that this started one day in May when I decided to show up to the gym. A multitude of seemingly small actions, since then, has amounted to so much more. I am so grateful to be a part of the Eupraxia community. 💛