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I was born and raised in Turtle Lake, WI by two very hard working parents who raised me with the values to work hard and give your best effort at all times.  I was always encouraged to “go outside and play” as a child. I climbed trees, swam, hiked, built outdoor forts and biked long before I entered competitive sports.  That physicality always brought me joy and peace of mind. The need to work our bodies does not end with childhood; if anything, it becomes even more essential in adulthood. My goal is to spark that joy.  I was a three sport athlete in high school and played collegiate volleyball.   I continue to instill the love of movement, the outdoors and a strong work ethic in my two boys, Riley and Logan.  That “go outside and play” mentality is still present today.  

Entering Eupraxia was the spark of light I needed for my passion for exercise and strength training – I needed something to “stick” and the answer was and still is Eupraxia.  I live by always continuing to want to push myself to be better and better every time I walk through the doors. I believe you go to the gym to improve yourself, not just be there to go through the motions. My love for working out is why I want to help others find confidence, love, and a desire to do better every time they walk through our doors.  

I leave my workouts at Eupraxia empowered and motivated and that is also how I want our members to leave our workouts.   One of the best things about Eupraxia is that the positive vibes are infectious and spread throughout the class like wildfire, creating a positive attitude and environment for the whole class.  Simply said, Eupraxia has made me a stronger person in all aspects of my life and I am so fortunate to be a part of such a strong, healthy community.  It is a win-win, you get stronger both physically and mentally.