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IMG_3916Hi everyone! My name is Bee, which is short for Brittany, and not some other word that starts with a B (which most people want to call me after I spent a class screaming at them- I mean, motivating them).

I am from St. Paul, MN where I grew up playing softball, dancing, participating in Show Choir, and occasionally running just for fun (I know right?! What is wrong with me?). I am now a Special Education teacher at Winona Senior High School.

I was first introduced to the weight room in high school, and immediately fell in love. I got my first gym membership at 17 years old, and spent most of the time on the treadmill (again, what the heck?!)
I didn’t become a serious, and trained weightlifter until college, where I eventually joined the Barbell Club at Winona State. I then competed in several Powerlifting meets, taking home gold medals, and highest women’s bench press.
I also became a group fitness instructor six years ago, for two different gyms, and have been helping people on their fitness journey since! Despite all that background, Eupraxia is my absolute favorite place to be at. The people, the workouts, the sweat, the tears (and dear I say the few curse words) that fill that environment are SO powerful and motivating to me. I know I have a passion for teaching and motivating others, but at the end of the day, it’s THEM who truly have motivated ME.

I am so happy to be alongside Ryan and Jolene at Winona. It has become a tight knit family, and I wouldn’t trade this job for the world. I often say, “If I win the Powerball tonight, I will still show up to teach at 5am tomorrow” because I genuinely love this job THAT much.

Stop in to Eupraxia Winona so I can yell (no seriously, YELL) at you to KEEP GOING! 🙂