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My muscle mass has increased and my overall fitness at age 58 is better than it’s been in 30 years

August 27, 2014 2 Comments

Keith webMy whole life I had battled with weight, I have never been terribly over weight but always too heavy for my height. Over the years, since high school age, I have tried different fitness programs from memberships at the Y, 24 hour fitness centers and self programs such as walking or riding bicycles; with all I had varying degrees of success. The same with weight loss. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and all diets had a problem, one day they ended and pretty soon I was back to my old habits. 4 or 5 years ago I had tried to change my eating habit’s on my own and walk daily, with this I had fair results inside of a year I had went from 245# down to 195# and that seemed good. The problem was I had loss muscle mass also not just fat and I was looking gaunt as well as lighter and wasn’t really in that good of shape. Then to make matters worse I had slacked off some and in the course of the next few months slowly gained some weight and was now back to over 220# on top of having lost the muscle mass.

I knew I needed something and I felt it really needed to be a lifestyle change, something I could live with everyday. I had noticed Eupraxia’s ad in the La Crosse Tribune and also noticed some of the testimonials were from people I knew. With this, and a New Year upon me, I decided to sign up for an 8 week session in January of 2014. It was only a ½ hour commitment each day and they would help me with my diet so what could it hurt. Well that first week and many weeks after that I did hurt, but in a good way I was building back muscle and in the meantime, with their help, learning how to eat better. It is really like having a personal trainer in every way, they are always there to help you and push you to new levels. (I would like to mention that in fall of 2012 I had a total shoulder replacement and with their help we modified the workouts until my shoulder is now close to the same strength of my other shoulder) The program varies, so every week we are doing something different and working on different parts of the body. The fact that it’s keith backs
in a group setting, only helps to motivate me as to always use a little bit heavier weight or to push through to the end of all the reps and show up every day.

What I found was that I never go hungry and I eat foods that taste really great, I just make sure what I am eating is good fuel for my body. I also got into the habit of going every week-day, it’s only ½ hour a day and just a routine part of my day now. Oh yeah, when my 8 weeks were up I was seeing such a great improvement and feeling so good in every other activity, I just signed up and kept going. It’s now been 9 months and it is part of my routine. My last weight in, I was down to 186# from the 226# when I started. My muscle mass has increased and my overall fitness at age 58 is better than it’s been in 30 years. Thanks to Dr. Steve and all on the Eupraxia staff for the daily greetings, encouragement and the challenges, it makes it so easy to keep going back!


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At Eupraxia we not only teach the best way to exercise, we also teach our members about nutrition and food. Our goal is to help people take control of their own health!

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  1. Kim says:

    Great testimonial to the results that are possible – Great Job, Keith!

  2. Courtney Bachel says:

    Way to go Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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