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Simple Shifts Towards Healthier Eating

February 28, 2017 0 Comments


There are so many factors at play when it comes to saying no to that doughnut or sandwich; and let’s face it…some of these “foods” are downright addicting. The good news is that you can approach things at your own pace, set personal goals and make simple shifts along the way; all of which will drastically improve your health! 

Change your oils

This first one is super easy and super beneficial. I really recommend getting the various canola/vegetable/corn oils out of the house. The unfortunate truth behind these oils is that they can really be harmful to your health. You can greatly improve your overall health simply by replacing them with things like a good cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Use the coconut oil with high heat cooking. 
…And do some research on your olive oil. Due to the demand, this has unfortunately become an adulterated industry. Most extra virgin olive oils are often cut with the aforementioned harmful oils. Fortunately others have written articles about this so I don’t have to. For a brief synopsis and some brand names that should be your best bets, click HERE. For anyone wanting the detailed report done by UC Davis, click HERE.

Change your flour

Finding coconut and almond flour was a small miracle in my life. I vividly remember my first big craving after giving up grains, and it was for lemon poppyseed muffins. I made a desperate online search for a healthier alternative, invested is some coconut flour and was able to indulge for a day; And I do mean a day. I think my husband and I ate every single muffin that Sunday.

I paid the price for that over-indulgence dearly…spending the evening on the couch…bloated, with a stomach ache that lasted for hours. I have since learned some control. This is the key word here: CONTROL. These flours are meant to replace treats and should be treated as just that…treats. Switching your Bisquick pancake breakfast to almond flour pancakes three or four days a week is probably not the best idea. But knowing that there is a great recipe waiting for you on a relaxing Saturday morning will certainly make it easier to make good choices the rest of the week.

Change your produce

And eat MORE of it! Organic and/or local really is the way to go. Most of you will know that a garden tomato tastes way better than one from the store. Not only is the flavor better, but they also have more nutrition and little to no chemicals or pesticides. The local farmers markets are great when in season. The Peoples Food Coop on 5th and Cass Street in downtown La Crosse has some of the best and cheapest produce in town. 
Now I do know that organic is often more expensive and many of you may be on a budget. 
The conventional fruits and veggies are much healthier than the process “foods” like frozen pizza, mac n cheese, spaghetti, etc that many people eat on a regular basis. There is always a better choice!

Change your meats

Switching over to grass-fed meat, wild game (good news for hunters!), free-range chicken or turkey, and wild caught fish will get you the best nutrition for sure. The catch? It is for sure more expensive. 
Again, the Peoples Food Coop is my go-to here. You can get grass-fed ground beef for around $6 a pound, and they also sell grass-fed beef steaks, lamb, bison, wild caught fish and more, There are also several local meat vendors at the Cameron Park Farmers Market on Friday evenings in the summer, and several area farms you can purchase meat from directly. 
You can make it much cheaper in the long run by buying in bulk. I like to buy a ¼ or ½ beef and store it in a chest freezer. Meat for the year! My go-to farm is St. Brigids Meadows, but there are several local farms with great products. Use the Eupraxia Group Mastermind on Facebook to find people to go in on a cow with and make it even cheaper!
Let’s say this one more time here:
The conventional steak on sale will always be better than the bagel sandwich. No matter where the burger comes from, you will always be better off without the bun. Top that burger off with a fried egg, some avocado and a side salad and you have a pretty delicious meal!

Change your attitude!

Choosing not to eat something versus thinking you CAN’T eat something can make all of the difference in the world. Train yourself to think differently, approach your meals with a different mindset and don’t forget to just ignore those around you who try to tempt you with the office cookie. You can enjoy your garden fresh cucumbers or apple slices and smile, knowing in your mind who is really getting the reward here.

Hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to utilize your trainers as resources, we are here to help! Facebook and email ( are excellent ways to reach out!

Stay Healthy!


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