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How often should I workout

February 27, 2017 0 Comments

So how often should you work out?

It depends. Something that’s more important than how often you work out, is what kind of effort you give during a workout. So if you go in, and you push as hard as you can, and really get after it then there is a big difference, versus showing up for a work out and kind of going hard and just going through the motions. One thing with the workouts here is I try and encourage people to go really, really hard.

You can’t do that every single time, some days you just have an off day, but when you do workout, what’s important is effort. Give lots of effort. If you’re doing that, three to four of our workouts a week is awesome. Just three a week is phenomenal.

And then workouts outside of Eupraxia? Make it fun!

For me personally, I work out here three to four to five times a week. It depends on what my life has going on outside of the workouts or just in my life in general. I do a lot of hiking, a lot of hunting, a lot of activities that for the vast majority of American’s wouldn’t even be possible, because most people are so out of shape.

But, if you’re fit, they’re enjoyable, and they’re also a good workout. So it’s enjoyable for someone who’s fit, but it would be a brutal, killer workout for someone who isn’t fit…if that makes sense. Sometimes people say “Oh, these workouts never get easier”, well that’s not true. Just recently I had one of the members say just that; “Oh, these workouts never get easier.” And she just did twenty-some burpees in a minute! So I looked at her sheet from the first time she did it, and she did eight. So if she went back to that level and just did eight in a minute, she’d be like “this wasn’t even a workout.” So, sometimes workouts aren’t really workouts, just because you’re fit.

I’ll watch world champion wrestlers workout, and their workouts are brutally hard. Now our workouts can be brutally hard too, but in their workouts they’re doing a lot more weight, a lot faster, and a lot higher pace then we are to make them hard. That’s why workouts are always challenging.

So push yourself really hard and shoot for three days a week. Of you get three days a week that’s phenomenal. Outside of the gym go for a run, go for a hike, do some sprint work, just be active. Active, fun exercise. That’s what I’ve been doing for a long time, and I’m going to continue to do it.

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