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Lessons from a Naked Toddler

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

I love how my lil’ man just doesn’t care at all what anyone is thinking. He runs around with his manhood hanging for the world to see. He’ll stop and dance freely to any song that suits his tastes. He could care less if his clothes match, are brand name, or if they are even on inside out. He truly just doesn’t give a crap. He’ll run up to anyone he sees and put his hands out with zero fear of rejection. It’s truly free-living.

When does that change? At what point do we learn to care what complete strangers think? I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met that are afraid to start our gym because of what others, complete strangers, in the program are thinking. Who cares what they are thinking!?

A complete stranger’s thoughts have no, and should have no, effect on you what so ever. It is crazy to let the thoughts of some stranger keep us from bettering our lives. Just think how much better your life would be after a year of consistent exercise. Is it worth missing out on that because of a stranger’s thoughts? Is it worth missing out on anything because of a stranger’s thoughts?

The same goes in all areas of life. If you are with a group of people ordering food and you fears-are-storiesare worried about ordering a salad and water instead of a beer and burger because of what they may think, then you are wrong. If someone makes a smart remark about you trying to better yourself then: 1) they are a dick, and 2) the truth is, you doing better makes them feel worse about themselves. Don’t take the comments personally.

One of the biggest travesties I see with women worrying about what others think is the reluctance to breastfeed in public. If America knew how important breast milk is for the brain of babies, lactating mothers would be enshrined, not embarrassed. To give one iota of a thought to what someone else may think about half a boob (or god forbid a nipple) poking out is crazy. A baby’s health is infinitely more important than a stranger’s thoughts. If someone makes a rude comment to you while you are feeding your child just calmly look them in the eyes and say “go F@$K yourself.”

Let me tell you a little secret….that stranger is worrying about these same things. That stranger is worried about what you are thinking of them. It’s not “your thought,” it’s “a thought.” It’s a universal thought that we have been conditioned to have.

This is where freedom comes. When you walk into a room knowing that all of these people are actually worried about your thoughts, and the truth is you don’t care about what they do. Like them, your concern is yourself.  Act as if you are invisible without a care in the world of another person’s invisible thoughts. Those invisible thoughts only affect you if you let them.

Don’t let someone else’s POTENTIAL thoughts (because you have no idea what they are really thinking) prevent you from making your own life better. If you can do something to better yourself, without harming anyone else, then do it.

Fear is nothing more than you imagining a future event. The best thing you can do is stop thinking about it, and just act. Take the plunge. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It is the only way to grow.

A fitness program is the best way to start, Get out of the comfort zone, try something new, make new friends…’s worth it.

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