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When I met Steve, I said to him, “I really don’t want to do this…I will be quitting after 8 weeks!”

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Three years ago my grandkids and I were playing at the park and they wanted me to slide down the slide after them.  So I did, or tried.  I was stuck in the slide and had to pull myself forward to get to the bottom.  That was my wake up call to start doing something about my weight.  I started an exercise regimen twice a week.  It helped me to be more active but I didn’t lose weight.  I started weight watchers and lost some but I quit the program and started to put weight back on, then my friend asked me to try the 8 week program at Eupraxia because of the buy 1 get 1 free special….I signed up kicking and screaming, I remember when I met Steve (he registered us) and I said to him, “I really don’t want to do this I have my own regimen and I will be quitting after 8 weeks!” Well a year and a half later I’m still a member and I love it!  

The exercise is great and I feel better and stronger but the biggest change that happened to me was when I started listening to what Steve was saying at his nutrition class.  I didn’t listen right away, it took me about a year before I could really grasp what Steve was talking about, but once I did I realized that it was pretty easy to do.  The first thing I had to do was change what food I was eating.  I got rid of the soda, juice, dairy, sugar, breads, and pasta and brought in more vegetables.  I’ll be honest I needed a little push by Steve. I couldn’t believe how easy it was once I set my mind to it.

I now eat vegetables with every meal with my choice of meat.  I eat until I’m satisfied and not full, I don’t count calories, or think about portion size.  I eat only when hungry, and if I’m not hungry I wait until I am.  Doing these changes have made my weight loss journey easier than what I was doing before.  I use to count calories, count points, and measure out my food but not anymore.  For me weight loss is really about making the right food choices and then the weight really does come off!  Exercise alone didn’t help me lose weight I had to change my eating habits too. I’ve loss 75lbs so far and my journey is still continuing and I can’t wait until I get to my final weight loss goal! 

Exercise and eating healthy are now part of my life (sometimes I get off track, but I get right back in the saddle again).  Thanks to Steve and his support I know what food is the right food and that spices are my friends.  It really is true that eating good food isn’t that hard and the benefits that come with it are awesome!

PicMonkey CollageWhat keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is how I feel.  When I walk I feel strong. I actually feel the muscles in my legs which in turn makes me feel really good and keeps me motivated.

Do you ever have periods where your motivation is low and miss a few workouts? Yes I do have times where my  motivation is low but I don’t try to miss a work out because when I workout I feel so much better afterwards and that outweighs what I would feel like if I didn’t go.

Did you take any Adcovare, Plexus, Isagenix or any other multi-level marketing products? No I haven’t ever taken any of those products.

What supplements, if any, do you take? I take vitamin D, fish oil, multivitamin, probiotic and 1 scoop of Coffee Enrich a day.

What’s a typical workout schedule in a week for you? I like to work out Monday through Friday I like to do it first thing in the  morning.  It’s a lot easier to go by doing it that way because I don’t think about it, it’s just something I do Monday through Friday like going to work.

Can you describe what you eat on a typical day? For breakfast I will have some vegetables with an egg and sometimes bacon. For lunch I’m not too hungry I’ll have a baggie of vegetables and if I’m a little more hungry than usual, I have a boiled egg too,  then for supper I will have steak and vegetables. I like green vegetables Brussels sprouts, asparagus, cabbage.    I mix them with spices which makes the vegetables a lot more tasty.

Any advice for people looking to improve their health? I by no means am an expert but the advice that I would give people would be to educate themselves. That is one thing I did not do through my whole life long struggle with weight loss and exercise and being healthy once I started educating myself everything started to make sense I understood more that food is such an important piece of good health, weight loss, and how it impacts positive body results with  my exercise routine.   Without educating myself I really don’t think that I would be where I’m at today recognizing that for the rest of my life I need to live healthy and exercise.

What is your favorite healthy meal? My favorite healthy meal is asparagus and green beans with ginger and red onion with a lean piece of steak.

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