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The Tools I Use To Stay Motivated

April 24, 2016 0 Comments

Motivation is the exact same for every person, and different for every person.

Let me explain.

Every person has things that are most important to them in their lives. When I was younger, I’ll be honest, everything was about me. I wanted to win at everything, I hated losing, I was in all sorts of sports, and I hated losing so much that I trained constantly, because I knew and I believed that if I worked harder than most people, I’d do better than most people. That kept me motivated for a very long time. Once sports were over, it was a little bit tougher finding that motivation…

…Now I have the greatest motivation I think you could ever have, and that’s my son. He is so motivating. I want to be the fit, active dad that always has energy for my kids. I want to be that dad where his friends are talking, and are like “Man, your dad’s a freak, it’s unbelievable.” It’s so motivating for me, and its great because he’s going to be around for a very long time.

What’s really important is to find what’s most important for you!

And then align how being fit and active and eating well makes you better at what you love the most. That’s the most powerful thing that really helps keep me motivated. Another thing that keeps me motivated (and this is perfectly fine for you too) is vanity. I’m vain, and I think everybody’s vain to some extent. That’s why people spend money on make-up, and getting their hair and nails done…people like to look good. People spend a lot of money on clothes because clothes look good,  personally I don’t care much what my clothes look like. I find attractiveness in a healthy physique, I feel good having broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and ab muscles. It’s very motivating for me to look that way. If I just get a little soft in the midsection (which happens once in a while) then I know I need to get a little more strict with my diet and exercise. I get a lot of pleasure from what I find to be a healthy, attractive look. And it’s fine if you do too! If looks isn’t important to you, it might not be your motivator, but I think for most it is. Looking good is very motivating to me.

Another thing I find motivating is I like to commit to things. I’ll sign up for a Tough Mudder, or a hard hunting trip, or for things that are very physical because it gives me a reason to train for that specific event. Two years ago, I came up with the idea of a Burpee Mile, just because I wanted a reason to get crazy fit before the Burpee Mile in the fall.

There’s the big, long-term “why’s” (my son, competition, things like that). There’s vanity, and then there is setting little goals to achieve, little competitions.

And just keep doing that! Find your big “why,” set little goals, and once you do those goals it feels good. It can be anything! Maybe running up Grandad’s Bluff in 20 minutes or complete a Tough Mudder. So sign up for a Tough Mudder in September and now you’ve spent the $200 or whatever it is, now you’re going to train for it. Then once it’s over, sign up for something else. Just keep doing that repeatedly. It keeps you motivated, you’ve got your big “why’s”, then you’ve got your little things along the way.

Another good one, maybe this is weird, but people are so vain (myself included) but, I used to do a warm weather trip every winter. And when you’re in warm weather, you don’t wear many clothes. So I’m going to work out hard, I’m going to get a tan, and I’m going to go there and look better on the beach. For me that was motivating. Too much vanity? Maybe, but it keeps me motivated. So those are some things that help me.

Number one take away, find whatever you care about the most, and try to align being fit and healthy and active with making that better. And if you have kids it’s easy, that’s the greatest motivation you’ll ever have.

One of the best exercises you can do to stay motivated is to write down whatever it is that is most important in your life. If you have kids put a picture of your kids in front of you. Then, write down all the ways that you being fit and healthy will make their lives better. Come up with at least 50 reasons. This simple exercise can literally change the wiring in your brain and make exercise so important to you that you’ll get more pleasure from it.

I created two documents to help you complete this exercise. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Print your WHY and you GOALS sheets and fill them out with as much detail as possible.

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