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Healthy Holiday Tips

December 17, 2014 0 Comments

Healthy-Holiday-Eating-Tips Many of us know how hard it is to learn to say no to the donuts that can dominate an office setting, or to pass over the bagel that seems like such an easy choice. With the holiday season upon us, temptations can surround us at every turn. Here are a few things you can do to stay healthy over the holidays, while still indulging in a few treats.

  • Make your own holiday treats, with real food and real ingredients. Those trans-fat, chemical laden sugar cookies from the Healthy-Holidaystore will be forgotten if you set a plate of Magic Brownie Bars next to them!
  • Volunteer to do some cooking at the holiday dinners. This will give you some control over what goes into the food, and you can make sure they sweet potatoes are peeled, cut up, and baked, sans marshmallows, as opposed to coming from a can full of high fructose corn syrup.
  • Unable to cook? Learn how to navigate the table. Pass on the stuffing and rolls, double up on the meat and salad, and make sure to indulge in some mashed potatoes smothered in butter!
  • Missing that glass of creamy eggnog? Making your own is easy, and can be done dairy free! Check out this coconut milk eggnog recipe, and enjoy every sip.
  • Don’t deprive yourself and remember, never tell yourself that you can’t have something. Simply choose not to put bad things in your body. There is always a healthier substitution, and thanks to Google, ideas can be found in a snap!
  • Remember to keep movement in your busy life! A half hour walk still leaves 23 and half hours in your day.
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