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Learn Why Local Doctor Created Eupraxia

November 10, 2015 2 Comments

IMG_4152 (2)I’d like to share with you the story of how Eupraxia came to be. I remember sitting in my office at the end of a day of seeing patients. Literally every single person I saw that day, no matter the age, was on multiple medications, was in pain of some sort, or was in need of much more than an adjustment. What just about every single one of these people really needed was someone to teach them how to eat and how to exercise properly. This was the only way they’d ever reach their true health potential. I decided to invest what I had saved up, plus borrow a little extra, and open a new fitness/health center that does just that.

Let’s take a step back in time to see how this turning point came about. I’ve always been a health nut. I remember when I was a kid I would fill milk jugs with water to do curls with and do pullups on monkey bars to get stronger. I recently found an old kindergarten school project and it asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. “Doctor” was the answer, with “farmer” at number two. I still do want to open a beef farm someday.

Throughout school I played a lot of sports; and with sports often come injuries. The big turning point for me came when I hurt my neck wrestling. I had a painful, stiff neck and headaches every day. I went to the MD and was sent home with the common treatment, still being prescribed today: muscle relaxers and pain pills. I started on the pills and a couple of days later I had these terrible sores all the way down my throat. This was happening during Christmas time and I couldn’t eat any of the food my throat hurt so bad. I was lying there in misery and decided to read the med packets and found that a possible side effect was sores down the throat. The pills that were supposed to help were actually making me worse. It never really made sense to me from the start. Were my headaches and neck pain from not enough muscle relaxers or pain pills? Why didn’t they fix what was causing my pain? To this day it drives me crazy when people with musculoskeletal pain are sent home with pain pills and muscle relaxers and that’s it. Those do nothing to help a person heal.

Luckily a friend talked me into going to a chiropractor. I was shown how my head was too far forward, my chest was over developed, my back was weak, and my flexibility was terrible. There were things I could work on to help my body heal. Needless to say I loved it and I haven’t had a headache since. (minus the Oktoberfest headaches)

When I first chose the chiropractic profession I loved the idea behind it. Find what is causing a person to have symptoms and then fix the cause. This is a much different paradigm than the treatment of symptoms.

A couple of years into practice, I was sitting in a chiropractic seminar in Chicago and a harsh reality hit me. Looking around the room full of chiropractors I noticed the crowd looked no different than any other crowd. Most of the chiropractors were over-weight and people all over the room were drinking soda. These health providers weren’t healthy. I had this vision in my head years ago that all chiropractors would be fit and active. That they would really be healthy health care providers. Truth be told most of the seminars had nothing to do with getting sick people healthy. It was mostly about making money. Some of these courses would actually teach the chiropractors scripts to use with every patient. There are chiropractors that actually memorize scripts! No matter what a person’s injury they would get the same script. It’s pathetic.

When I got back home I started teaching every patient of mine about food. There is no way a person can be healthy without eating healthy. It can’t happen. The same goes for exercise. A person cannot be truly healthy without exercising on a regular basis. The question became “where do I send people to learn about exercise?” I decided to create a place.

All of that is what sprouted Eupraxia. “Eupraxia” was the Greek goddess of wellness or well-being and the reason I chose the name. I decided to create a program that taught everyone how to eat healthy. A program where we all exercise properly, in a group setting, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life. We’re not training to win any competitions or be elite athletes. We train with the goal of being healthy. We train to get stronger, improve mobility, improve balance, lose weight, and increase function. A healthier life really does equal a better life.


One of our great classes!

I always loved being part of a team and practicing with a team, which is why I love group workouts. You always work harder when part of a group. You can’t help be motivated by the people around you. There are days when you’re just not quite in the mood and the group helps push you through. As a bonus, you make new friends!

So far our results have been nothing short of amazing. Here are just a few of them, weight-loss is just a side effect to go with the overall health improvements! I have yet to have a person eat the way we teach, exercise consistently with us, and not feel better. Not one person.

There is, however, one problem that has come up. Some people are scared to give us a try. So many people I find are afraid of tumblr_nqd1yrx7Cm1uq14x2o1_1280being judged by others in the room. Have you ever seen a group picture with yourself in it? Do you immediately find yourself and see how you look? Everyone does that. Just like everyone is thinking other people in the room are judging them. The people you are worried about judging you are worried about you judging them!

We have a new session coming up that is your chance to give it a try. Use the code “save100” to save $100 off an 8 week session. Why do we do an 8 week minimum? We do so many different workouts we’d hate if you came to one you didn’t like quit and not realize you would have loved the next 4.

PS – If you are currently part of a fitness program and you like it, stick with it forever! Every person at every age really should be exercising on a regular basis. You don’t stop moving because you feel older, you feel older because you stop moving!

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At Eupraxia we not only teach the best way to exercise, we also teach our members about nutrition and food. Our goal is to help people take control of their own health!

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  1. Marcia Hagen says:

    So any of your gyms have shower facilities? Can I visit a class?

    • Eupraxia says:

      Hey Marcia, a couple locations do have showers so it depends on where you are planning to attend. You can try a free week anytime!

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