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Spotlight on Moms, From Your Trainers – Katie

May 20, 2014 0 Comments

Your Name: Katie Warnerkatie liam

How many kids do you have and how old are they? One – Liam, 4-months old

Do they have a favorite exercise to do with you? We grab a walk whenever the opportunity comes along. I’ve also done a Goblet Squat or two with Liam as my kettlebell.

Do they have any favorite healthy foods? Only mama’s breastmilk so far

As you have learned more about health and wellness, what goals do you have for your family and children? I would like for Liam to understand where food actually comes from by simply visiting farms, helping me garden vegetables and herbs, prepare meals together, etc. Second, I understand how much our upbringing and parents’ choices influence us, so to be a guiding force and strong example for him in living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. Lastly, getting outside to play is something that is so invaluable and clearly lacking in our modern-age need to be connected. You can be sure that I’ll be one of those moms who is out in the front yard playing ball or building forts with my kiddo.

What obstacles have you overcome as a mother to maintain your health and wellness? I developed a very serious eating disorder in 2008 as a result of countless factors. What started as a “diet” in an effort to lose some weight progressively spiraled into an addiction to counting calories, measuring food to the gram, and allowing the scale to determine my worth. It took over a year to find the right help after begging my doctor to do anything aside from experiment with medication. Thankfully, I finally found an incredible team of a new doctor, therapist, and nutritionist, all of which were seen weekly for two years of out-patient treatment.

With my team supporting me and feeling as if I was ready, I inquired about Eupraxia while secretly disclosing my concerns to Dr. Steve. He encouraged me to try his program while taking concern that my goals were different than the majority of the members. Instead of looking at the classes as punishment, I viewed them as a celebration to move my body, lay off the judgement, and challenge it to become stronger and healthier. I suddenly found myself feeling empowered in a way that was new and incredible.

How and why has being a member at Eupraxia impacted your roll as a mother and/or wife? I was a member for about nine months before finally convincing my husband to join me despite him being an avid Y member. It was love at first workout for him, and it quickly became a wonderful way for us to support and encourage each other.

Through God’s perfect timing, Lindsay and I became pregnant within a month of one another. Through this shared experience in enduring pregnancy for the first time, we bonded over the excitement, worries, preparations for planned natural births, and all things that come along with that roller coaster nine months. While we both have wonderful husbands, there is just something about having that girlfriend that gets it, especially one who is a fountain of knowledge and encouragement!

Dr. Steve says to have a purpose for staying healthy. How do you make your children a part of this purpose?The desire to even be able to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, and have the energy to raise a child were the main reasons I sought treatment from the get-go. I am brought to tears often when I look at my son and see the result of a very difficult time in my life. While parenting is no easy feat, I am so thankful to be able to nourish him and pour my heart into caring for him. I also recognize how important it is to make time for myself so I can recharge, which is why it’s a huge priority for me to get a regular workout in. It’s my new therapy!

What advice do you have for moms just starting their journey? My advice goes along with how I view Eupraxia entirely. While you will see results of your hard work and sweat – perhaps by reaching your fitness goals or looking/feeling better – it’s about investing in yourself and being grateful for that beautiful, sacred creation you are, just as you are. It’s important to stray away from that “all or nothing” mentality. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t make it every day, but instead celebrate the small victories for when you complete a workout, make a healthy meal for you and your family, or nourish your mind with positivity and love. It’s all about the small changes that make the biggest difference.

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