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Spotlight on Moms, From Your Trainers – Erica

May 20, 2014 0 Comments

Your Name: Erica Boland  erica and boys

How many kids do you have and how old are they? 3; ages 6, 3, 21 months

Do they have a favorite exercise to do with you?  They absolutely love burpees and “Sally Up”

Do they have any favorite healthy foods?  Broccoli, cashews, eggs

Do you have any tricks to get your kids to eat healthier foods or make healthier choices?  We don’t really give them other options anymore. With our second child we learned very fast (and so did he) that us giving in to him wanting something else was sometimes quicker and easier but usually led to a less nutritious meal.

That being said, we also don’t make them finish all of their food as we want them to learn to eat when they are hungry. We ask they try everything once and we try to provide healthy options they enjoy frequently.

As you have learned more about health and wellness, what goals do you have for your family and children?  I realize that the older our children become, the more they will have the opportunity to make healthy choices on their own.  We work to instill in them a lifestyle we would like for our entire family and we do so leading by example. Both my husband and I remain active and try to involve the boys in as much of that as possible.

Over the past several years I have learned more and more about the impact of a making a healthy lifestyle change instead of a “diet.” I hope as they grow individually they will realize the importance of fueling their bodies with healthy foods and making exercise and physical activity a part of their daily lives.

What obstacles have you overcome as a mother to maintain your health and wellness?  Physical activity and proper nutrition has not only made a huge impact on my physical wellbeing but mental as well. Before our first son was born I wasn’t someone that would exercise on a regular basis and I definitely was not eating healthy. I am a happier, more confident person when I keep exercise in my everyday life. As you can imagine this effects our entire family. I have a blast with my husband and kids spending time outdoors and playing basketball, baseball or whatever the chosen sport of the moment is.

How and why has being a member at Eupraxia impacted your roll as a mother and/or wife? Since joining Eupraxia our boys have really become more involved with our exercise. They see and hear my husband and I discuss different workouts and of course some healthy competition now and then! We talk about striving to do the best you can do, not worrying about anyone else’s accomplishments but never holding yourself back.

Dr. Steve says to have a purpose for staying healthy. How do you make your children a part of this purpose?  Not only do I want to stay healthy so I can see my children and future generations grow, but I want them to value that lifestyle and choose that path for their families. We want to travel with our children and I don’t ever want anything to stop me from doing that. I don’t want to be the mom sitting on the sidelines, I want to have a blast with them!

How have you passed on what you have learned at Eupraxia to your children?  It truly has just become a part of our every day lives. They love when I show them new exercises and especially our oldest is always asking questions about healthy foods. They always want to know what they can eat that will make them stronger :)!

What advice do you have for moms just starting their journey?  There are so many reasons to start but most importantly: YOU! You deserve to feel your best. Having a happier more confident self with positively impact your family in more ways than you can even imagine. Find your why and do this for yourself. It is NEVER to late to start. Eupraxia is such a family atmosphere with everyone supportive and willing to help you on your journey!

Your family. Be the leader. Your family and friends (especially your children and significant other) will see the positive impact this is having on your life and your happiness will be contagious. You can change people’s lives just by showing others it is possible and helping others release their inner strength.

Anything else you would like to share? Eupraxia unleashes a strength in people they never knew they had! Don’t bottle that up! Set. It. Free.

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At Eupraxia we not only teach the best way to exercise, we also teach our members about nutrition and food. Our goal is to help people take control of their own health!

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