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Spotlight on Moms – Lindsey B.

May 20, 2014 0 Comments

Your Name: Lindsey BonnarLindsey Sayla

How many kids do you have and how old are they? One and she is 10 years old.

Do they have a favorite exercise to do with you? Sayla likes running, walking, and hiking pretty equally

Do they have any favorite healthy foods? Right now her favorites are pears and broccoli

Do you have any tricks to get your kids to eat healthier foods or make healthier choices? I never had to trick her, she always liked fruits and veggies. Lately she needed to lose some weight but I won’t crush her by telling her that.;instead make her think her growing pains won’t be as bad if she eats healthier things and that’s good enough for her 🙂

As you have learned more about health and wellness, what goals do you have for your family and children? I want to live as long as possible and be active doing it. I want Sayla and I to both be at an ideal yet healthy weight and have the things to maintain it be second nature. I am also working towards never having to get any form of prescribed medication again.

What obstacles have you overcome as a mother to maintain your health and wellness? My motivation, I wouldn’t have any if Sayla didn’t get just as excited as me when I accomplish something. Hard to be motivated when your exhausted but she is my motivator.

How and why has being a member at Eupraxia impacted your roll as a mother and/or wife? It’s made everything better like a waterfall effect. Started out making feel better, which made me wanna get off my but and do more stuff with her. Then the positivity that comes with it is amazing and rubs off on my daughter. It has made me determined to keep Sayla in some kind of sport for the rest of her schooling. Eupraxia has brought me back to the mother I was in the beginning and had lost for a while

Dr. Steve says to have a purpose for staying healthy. How do you make your children a part of this purpose? I don’t want Leave her too early I want to be around for her for a long time and by example I want her to live a healthy lifestyle

How have you passed on what you have learned at Eupraxia to your children? At first she came with to a couple work outs and loved them ever since then she has been all about all of it the workouts the healthy eating 🙂 she kind of just fell on love on her own

What advice do you have for moms just starting their journey? Stick to it no matter how tired you no matter how easy the unhealthy path looks. When you feel better and more positive your children will fallow by example. Always remember that feeling you have right after a workout, makes getting up and moving at 5 am easier.

Anything else you would like to share? I can’t express the physical and mental journey you go through joining Eupraxia. The best part is seeing your children smile a little more cause mom is smiling and enjoying life a little more and a little less stressed 🙂

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