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jackGrowing up sports was a large part of my free time like they were for most kids.

As time went on I stuck with soccer because I loved the game and the team atmosphere.  Following high school I attended Milwaukee Area Technical College.  I continued with soccer I also began lifting seriously hoping school and sport would guide me towards a major and a definitive path to success.  After two years I realized the answer had been in front of me the whole time.  I knew what I was passionate about but never saw it as an actual career path.  This was when I chose to enroll at UW-La Crosse for the Exercise and Sport Science program. I am currently pursuing a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and a minor in nutrition. One day I will own my own fitness facility and that day cannot come soon enough!


How did I hear about Eupraxia?  A good friend did her internship with Eupraxia.  She couldn’t stop talking about the classes and how great the members and fellow trainers were.   A semester later I needed to get a job shadow out of the way so I decided to contact Lindsay and see what we could set up.  Little did I know that about an hour into meeting Lindsay I would get a job offer!  Needless to say the rest is history! 


Eupraxia is a great place for those looking to get into fitness, those who are looking to mix up their current routine, or continue their active lifestyle in a new way.  I cannot say enough about the members and what I get to experience everyday!  I have learned so much from the staff at Eupraxia and even more so from our members.  Making a lifestyle change isn’t always the easiest decision, but between the trainers and members we take on that journey to a new lifestyle together!  Here’s to becoming a stronger version of ourselves every day! Can’t wait to see you in the gym!


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