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IMG_1652Ever since I can remember sports have been a huge part of my life. Baseball and hockey soon became my favorites and have since molded my life, mindset and interests into what they are today. 

As I continued with sports into high school specifically baseball, I got into lifting seriously and saw the results both on the field and off. This developed into a passion and obsession and as time went on I knew that this was the career path I wanted to take in my life. I had the opportunity to continue my education and play baseball at Viterbo University while pursuing a degree in Sports Science. I am currently a senior in the program and am planning on graduating in May of 2019 along with a minor in Spanish. In the long-term I will work with athletes to help get them “bigger, faster, stronger” so they can pursue their dreams of getting to the next level of competition!

I started off as an intern at Eupraxia and fell in love with the atmosphere and people right away! Every day is as fun as the last and I can’t get enough. Making a change and commitment to fitness is a bigtime decision but one that you will be glad you did! Together we can take on this adventure so, let’s get after it! Something I always think about when I’m working out is that the time is going to pass anyway, might as well make the most of it while I’m doing it!

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