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Can you believe the girl in green in the left picture is the same girl as in the right picture? I wanted to share with you a story not of weight loss, but of muscle gain. Once upon a time I was an insecure teenager…shy, lacking self-confidence, anxious. This paired with my perfectionist personality led to an eating disorder which was worsened by the miles and miles of running I put in. Luckily support from doctors and my family turned me around, but it wasn’t easy! My true saving grace, however, was my discovery of weightlifting. It has taught me how to appreciate my body for what it can do – like deadlift more than 2x my old weight! I think the picture on the right is my favorite ever, because the huge smile on my face is purely out of love for my body. Sharing such a personal story is challenging for me to do, but I wanted to make the point that we all have our own battles; but, the end goal is the same – strong and HEALTHY! And the best thing about Eupraxia is that we are all supporting each other along the way!

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