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staceHey everyone. It’s Stacie!!! I am just like every member that goes to Eupraxia; I have a love/ hate relationship with it, almost everyday leaning more towards the love. I have struggled with weight since I graduated high school. I was super active and into sports in high school and then college came and so did the beer. That ran my world for far too long. Then I found Eupraxia. I fell in love with the workouts but didn’t really implement the eating aspect until about 2 years in. Those first 2 years I could feel myself getting stronger but never really seeing a difference in the mirror or on the scale. Then I started my first challenge, and then another 8 week challenge after that, and another. Over the past year and a half, I have lost over 40lbs. and am almost to my goal. Steve says to always be working towards something and I believe I can continue to push myself to be the best I can. And now, I am able to push our members and motivate you guys to be the best you can be, and I absolutely love that. There are no short term solutions, there is only lifestyle. Let’s make it the best and healthiest we can, together!
Other than being a part time Eupraxia instructor, I am a full time Massage Therapist and I will be running my business in the Holmen location!  Outside of work, I love being outdoors, as much hiking as possible, playing with my dog, cooking, reading, and you know what, I love me a good Bloody Mary, there, I said it.

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