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lian My journey with health has not been a straight path- in fact for some reason I think I’ve chosen most of my life to make things the MOST difficult for myself. In high school I was 100% in the mind set of being better than everyone else, no matter the cost on my body- and especially regardless of the cost on my overall heath. The thick skulled mindset I had then played incredibly into my poor decisions in college.

College was a slap in the face for me, and after years of doing meal replacement shakes, Keto diet, counting my macros- literally everything and anything I read on the internet that PROMISED, swore with a money back guarantee to either improve my digestive issues and weight problems ultimately failed me completely. I didn’t go back for the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I spent on those products, but instead I gave up. Quit working out, quit eating healthy, and quit eating at all sometimes, unfortunately.

When I came across a post on Facebook for Eupraxia, and saw the results people were getting, I really wanted to Image-1figure that exact progress out for myself. I tell myself and others that I just did it- randomly I met with a trainer and started in the six week challenge not even realizing that I was about to completely change my life. After 3 weeks into the challenge I noticed that not just a few of my symptoms of my diagnosed Crohn’s disease were gone, ALL of my symptoms were gone. A chronic disease I was in the hospital for at the start of the year had since seemed to heal completely only three weeks through eating the way Eupraxia taught, and working my ass off in the workouts. By the end of my six weeks, I was off of my infusions (and done dealing with the hassle of the bills of those infusions) and I finally realized why I went in to challenge myself at Eupraxia in the first place, everyone there is so HAPPY. And finally- I found my happiness. Now almost 40 pounds down, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. Food truly is meant to heal, not harm your body- i don’t know where I would be right now without Eupraxia and Steve’s constant guidance and support, I’m so happy I am to have found my home at Eupraxia.

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